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Negotiating Contracts

A contract is you best protection from future misunderstandings.  Don't leave the important issues to be resolved later.  That "later" will be when you no longer like your partner, customer,employee or vendor.

A contract is only as good as the details you put in there that plan the roadmap for resolving disputes.  The advantage of having an experienced buisness attorney available to you to consult and draft an agreement is important.  I draft agreements all the time, with different facts and in a variety of settings.   

As a business person you know you should always document your relationship with  your vendors, customers, landlord, and others. A contract can not be a casual document.  Writing it down forces you to think it through.

I can also review your existing contracts, deal memos, invoices and proposals. I have litigated contracts gone bad.  I know how to avoid the pitfalls. 

An attorney can write an agreement when you have already negotiated your terms, or I can advise you what you should ask for in your negotiations.

You also need to negotiate your way out of an impasse.  Call me to discuss the details, know what all your choices are and the consequences of cutting it off now, or taking a wait-and-see attitude. 

I help you resolve the matter with the confidence that you have controlled the terms.

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