By: Joann Deutch, Attorney
 (818) 753-9922
Appearance in California Courts by Out of State Attorneys
- Pro Hac Vice

If you are an attorney eligible to practice law in another state/territory, you may file a Motion to be Admitted Pro Hac Vice.
If you are a resident of California, or substantially employed in California you are ineligible. [eg inactive in another state, working in California]
You must have a California attorney making an appearance on the record.
Your Notice and Motion must be served on all the parties appearing in the matter in which you wish to appear.  Your Motion and Motion must also be served on the California State Bar.
There are special rules for appearances in the California Supreme Court. If you have expertise the Supreme Court may allow you to appear without a Motion.
Absent special circumstances, repeated appearances by any person under this rule is a cause for denial of an application.
 My offices will prepare, file and appear in these matters.